Thursday, March 24, 2005

Do you smell cat pee?

March 24, 2005

Dear Diary,

No, I don't smell cat pee.

And maybe, Diary, that's ultimately the reason why our A/V project didn't get into Tribeca. Forget WKW, his daddy named Mary, and 2046. Forget Robert De Niro and his voodoo hex he put on us.

Thanks to my hometown paper, I have come to accept that the real reason we didn't get into the Tribeca film festival: lack of Cat Pee. And how I, in my infinite stupidity, made a movie about wine and did not include any references to cat pee, wet dog, mouse droppings, or bacon in the script. It's not like I didn't have a chance - the script was written and then voice-overs written a year later.

Not. One. Reference.

Cat pee.

I bet that bitch ass Alexander Payne has cat pee all up in his movie. Cat pee AND that guy. Alex, that's the luxury you have when you're the second wine movie that went into production in 2003/2004. You get to find out about cat pee. You see, we were Deep Impact to your Armageddon; We're Dante's Peak are you're Volcano. Dammit! I like totally forgot: first is the worst, second is the best -

That's it: I'm making ANOTHER movie about wine which would make me third and thus the blue bird sitting in the nest.

Here kitty, kitty,

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overflow said...

next time my cat pees in the community room I'm gonna explain to my roommates that he's making it smell like wine.